Why Do Boys Adore Model-Like Women?

The rapid progress of science and technology has placed man on the moon and juiced out electricity from sunlight. However, the big question that persists to date without any answer or solution is – “Why do males love model-looking girls?”

And fortunately enough, the day has arrived when scientists have indicated that they have some answers to this. Whenever a boy looks at a model-looking girl, he’s conducting an impromptu but brief “reproductive fitness evaluation”. To break it further down, the male brain is constantly on the hunt to meet women that can have children with them, subconsciously (and occasionally consciously).

Here’s a detailed breakdown of some findings that can help you better understand the straight male brain.

The Waist-To-Hip Ratio Is A Thing Though

There’s no denying that both the offline and online community is constantly found highlighting the significance of the “hourglass shape” of a women’s body structure. Primarily in the West, the waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) is considered attractive in women across cultures.

However, the latest research studies have found out that all people find the WHR appealing in ayatkhan. You could also find experts claiming that the WHR is more crucial than the weight or build of model girls, regardless of their actual size. You could be Beyoncé or Kate Moss, however to men; your body weight is secondary to the ratio that holds more appeal.

Attractive Female Voices

There’s no denying that clear communication is pivotal for any relationship- be it romantic or professional. Then again, most men find specific vocal characteristics in a woman’s voice that automatically enhance their attractiveness. There are studies available that suggest that men love louder voices whilst women prefer deeper voices.

This is why you will typically see straight women being generally drawn to male partners with deeper voices. This essentially indicates more robust testosterone levels and power. On the other hand, the man will typically get seduced by ayatkhan with louder voices because it implies youth. Furthermore, they are also subconsciously evaluating all the delightful rewards of being with a youthful partner.

Beautiful, Shiny Hair

It’s hardly any surprise now that most men like women’s lustrous and healthy long hair, and most studies suggest that luscious locks attract most male attention on model girls. Moreover, experts have also suggested that men find healthy hair to endorse good physical health in women.


When it comes to model-looking girls or ayatkhan, for that matter, they are primarily associated with beauty, body and smile. It’s essential mentioning that almost all men find smiling to be an attractive physical characteristic. According to studies, men are more likely to be drawn to the femle who has a pretty and infectious smile- a gorgeous smile on a woman is the ultimate definition of her beauty for many.

Less Makeup

A detailed observation on the internet will essentially help you realise that it’s all about the natural appearance these days. Statistically speaking, the male prefers women that wear minimal makeup- they have learnt to appreciate the natural beauty of women.

A “Medium” Bustling

Despite the worldwide understanding that bigger breasts are more appealing, scientific studies are now stating contradicting facts. When the discussion arrives at busts, men seem to have a very conservative taste globally: they prefer breasts to be neither too big nor too little. This fits perfectly with women who have medium-sized breasts- since they have the most appealing physique.

Shorter Than Them

There’s no denying that taller people have traditionally been projected as more authoritative and successful in general. This particular belief goes back deep into the pages of history across cultures. However, when it comes to dating or even fun interactions, men appear to prefer shorter women- or at least women that are shorter than they are.

Long legs

You must have heard that men like admiring women’s legs. So, when it comes to them, you must realise that it’s all about their length. You will find most men respecting women with a longer leg-to-body ratio- this is primarily the reason for the appeal of high heels. According to men, the perfect definition of an attractive woman (if that exists) must essentially include a trim physique but with long legs.

Personality Does Matter

Finally, the best reason for men preferring model-looking girls is their endearing personality. When determining attractive characteristics in your potential partners or even model girls, you may find it tough to look elsewhere from the physical aspect. Personality traits such as compassion and humour surely make them captivating.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it only fits to admit that the best qualities are a contentious matter. The internet is stacked with a plethora of magazines and blogs that discuss the topic. There is a delicate combination of reasons that compel men to admire model-looking girls.

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