Popular Indian States for Tourists

Tamil Nadu topped all other Indian states in terms of foreign tourist visits in 2015, bringing in more than 4.6 million travelers from other parts of the world. The state's temples generate much of its tourist traffic, attracting visitors to sites like the Great Living Chola Temples (recognized by the UNESCO World Heritage Centre) and the Nilgiri Mountain Railway. Other popular states for foreign tourists in India include:

Best Time to Visit India

Tourists frequent India at all times of year, since the nation's diverse geographical features offer an array of climates. The winter months of October to March mark the peak season for Indian tourism. April, May and June are generally the best months to visit India's national parks to spot wildlife, such as Bengal tigers.

Summer in India takes place from March through May. This time of year is particularly popular among tourists visiting for yoga and meditation, as well as for those pursuing adventure sports in North India. During this time of year, the Northern plains and South India have hot, humid weather, with temperatures climbing well above 100 degrees F.

Monsoon season occurs from July through October, arriving first in South India in early July before moving across the whole country. Landslides become a higher risk in high-altitude regions, and rains bring down temperatures across the nation. Periyar National Park in Thekkady, Kerala, offers boat safaris during this time of year.

Winter is peak tourism season in India, which lasts from November through February. Low temperatures relieve tourists from the country's debilitating heat, creating ideal environments for outdoor activities. Snow falls in Northeast India and the North Indian hills, drawing outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy trekking during winter months.

Issues With Tourism Growth

Still, India's expanding tourism sector comes with complications. As Bloomberg pointed out in a July 2018 article, unchecked development of tourism in India can pose risks to some of the country's biggest attractions. Large surges of visitors can impact some of the nation's natural landscapes and wildlife, which also are some of its biggest attractions.

Some tiger reserves in India no longer house tigers, and nature safaris in the country are becoming more and more crowded as the industry booms. Previously untouched high-altitude Himalayan deserts are now seeing road construction. Hotels and homestays are outpacing residential housing in growth and overcrowding certain areas of land.

Ladakh, one of the high-altitude deserts, draws visitors with its promise of spectacular landscapes and snow leopard sightings. By that same token, visitors (both domestic and international) to Ladakh produce thousands of pounds of trash every year, resulting in more than 30,000 plastic water bottles in the area's open-air landfills every summer.

The nation's travel and tourism sector might bolster its economy, but it also wears on India's natural lands – which play a huge role in the country's tourist attractions. The fear remains: The influx of tourists might cause certain parts of India to lose their luster before they reach their potential.

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